Terms of Service

General Definitions:
Mining Pool:
A centralized endpoint comprising one or more daemons, a public website, a database, and software to handle work distribution, result retrieval, mining statistics storage, blockchain block submissions, and miner payments.
Mining Software:
Software that users run to interact with the Cloudiko.io mining pool.
Mining Address(es):
The unique address miners input into their mining software.
Anyone who has ever used mining software to connect to the Cloudiko.io mining pool.
A designated mining software running under a specific name, which submits work to Cloudiko.io.
Acceptance of Terms:

By accessing or using Cloudiko.io mining pool services, you acknowledge and agree to these terms and conditions.

Mining Policy:
  • Miners with invalid Mining addresses may be disconnected. In case of persistent invalidity, their rewards may be donated to charity.
  • Fair mining measures are enforced to prevent unfair advantages or network disruptions.
Prohibited Behaviors:

Engaging in malicious activities, trying to exploit vulnerabilities, or mining from unauthorized platforms may result in service termination.

Payment Policy:

Rewards are transferred directly to the provided wallet address. Miners must ensure their wallet's validity. We do not offer wallet services.


Cloudiko.io's services are provided as-is. We disclaim all liabilities arising from your use of our services, including damages to software, systems, or financial losses.